Tasreen Khamisa


Tasreen Khamisa is a respected administrator and social justice leader with a BA is Sociology.  She has seventeen years of administrative experience in program management, daily operational oversight, staffing and supervision, fiscal control, and board development. In 1995, her life changed forever when her brother was murdered during a gang-involved robbery.  Her family saw victims on both ends of the gun and chose to forgive the fourteen-year-old assailant.  Her father, Azim Khamisa, founded the nonprofit Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF) to stop youth violence.  In 1998, Tasreen relocated from Seattle to join him in creating an organization dedicated to teaching peace and forgiveness to transform the lives of children.  As Executive Director, Ms. Khamisa has been instrumental in the advancement of TKF’s restorative educational programming teaching health social-emotional development with vulnerable, at-risk youth populations.  Currently she plays an active role within the California Restorative Schools Coalition that is driving the expansion of restorative practice programs in schools across the state.

Tasreen Khamisa will be co-presenting with Benita Page about Twenty One Years of Teaching Restorative Thinking and Peace Through Forgiveness in Schools