Benita Page



Benita Page as an MS in Education and thirty years of professional experience implementing youth development programs.  As an administrator, she has managed juvenile justice programs, youth mentoring interventions, mental health programming, and school-based educational services.  She is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic public speaker experienced in teaching restorative practice concepts.  Since 2008, Ms. Page as served as the Program/Operations Director at the Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF).  She has been instrumental in the development of TKF’s Safe School Model, which is a continuum of proven effective interventions built on restorative principles. She has developed programming, curriculum, and training modules for students, parents, and educators with a goal of safer schools and communities.  She is an active collaborator with schools, community organizations and law enforcement and frequently partners with university faculty to evaluate TKF’s efficacy in transforming at-risk youth.

Benita Page will be co-presenting with Tasreen Khamisa about Twenty One Years of Teaching Restorative Thinking and Peace Through Forgiveness in Schools